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India remains a relentless focal point in terms of growth and investment to several organisations across the globe. With steady economic indicators in the infrastructure, agriculture, and foreign investment sectors, India’s success on a global scale is set to continue into the next decade.

We at Khaitan Legal Associates readily recognise the importance of providing our clients with solution-driven, bespoke legal services in order to address their Indian law requirements. Equipped with international vision, reach, scope, and capability, Khaitan Legal Associates is committed to the highest principles of integrity, legal expertise, excellence, client care, and focus.

With India’s growth set to flourish, the mobility and employment of personnel remains a fundamental concern for multinationals and their HR teams across the world. Employment, labour, and HR form a crucial part of our clients’ business interests and are therefore important areas of practice to us.

Primarily, clients seek comprehensive solutions from legal advisers to help them tie-in employment law issues with a whole host of other affiliated issues, including regulatory, social security and tax. At Khaitan Legal Associates, the employment team works in an integrated manner with the corporate team to provide clients with comprehensive business focused solutions.

Due to the delicate and often pressing nature of employment matters, we at Khaitan Legal Associates ensure that our advisors are available at short notice to address our client’s concerns in a prompt fashion.

Our team has advised international and domestic clients on a range of labour and employment-related matters. Our team provides prompt and practical advice on the full range of employment issues, from contracts and day-to-day employee relations advisory matters to the most complex restrictive covenant disputes and high-value discrimination and bonus claims. Our team has advised leading entities on collective redundancies, cross-border issues, hiring and firing, sexual harassment investigations, and other disciplinary proceedings.

Our Experience & Expertise

In India, the employment landscape includes a plethora of central as well as state-specific laws and regulations that are constantly evolving, and employers are required to be aware of and compliant with such laws that are applicable to them at all times.

Our employment team has advised our clients on various legal and regulatory issues in relation to Indian employment and labour laws, which include a full range of contentious and non-contentious services. Our team has advised clients on complex regulatory and legal issues with respect to Indian employment. We have also advised on contractual documentation, including employee and ex-pat contracts, staff handbooks, ensuring regulatory compliance, sexual harassment claims, structuring ESOPs, assisting clients in resolving and managing a culturally diverse work force, non-compete issues, dealing with local tax and social security regimes, managing global rewards and benefits packages, and the like.

Our expertise also includes dealing with delicate issues, including termination of employment and sexual harassment of women at the workplace, in a culturally sensitive as well as practical manner.

We have also provided strategic advice to clients in terms of recruitment as well as retention of employees, termination of employment, and sexual harassment, specializing in drafting employee handbooks that are individually customized in order to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Our team advised and guided HR managers, their teams, and in-house counsel to ensure that clients remain compliant with Indian rules, regulations, and local laws at all times.

HR Audits

Our employment team has the unique advantage of having provided our clients with a bespoke audit product. Our audit procedures have typically involved evaluation of the level of compliance met by a client in relation to local employment, labour, tax, regulatory, and corporate laws.

The audit has also incorporated an appraisal of all related documentation, company procedures, and handbooks to ensure the client is compliant with local laws. Our team has also provided the relevant strategy advice and any appropriate remedial advice for clients who have infringed local rules and regulations.

Workshops and Seminars on Employment & HR Best Practices

Khaitan Legal Associates is renowned for delivering bespoke seminars and workshops to clients, business contacts, and consultancies across the globe on various aspects of Indian employment and labour laws, tax laws, and HR best practices.

Our workshops and seminars have been specially customised as per the client’s individual requirements and have ranged from short breakfast seminars to day-long workshops. We have emphasized on interactive sessions with our audience in order to create a proactive atmosphere. For more information on our workshops, please feel free to contact us.

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